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Monday, September 29, 2008

Nokia E71-2 White

Finally, my fourth (hopefully last) device after My Bad Experience with Nokia E71-2 and I am now ready for a review on my experience on the phone. Yesterday was the last day I could get a brand new replacement since it was the 14th day from my original date of purchase. If I get anymore problems I can only get a 'swap' phone in the store with just an unused phone alone and nothing else.

First thing I want to say is, I love this phone. I wouldn't go through all that trouble exchanging if it wasn't worth it. I will post pictures to show from its hardware, accessories and softwares. A lot of reviews are posted already so i'm not going to go into details but rather just point out the ones I really like about the phone.

Package Contents:

- Nokia E71
- Nokia battery (BP-4L - Li-Po 1500 mAh)
- Nokia charger (AC-5)
- Nokia connectivity cable (CA-101)
- Nokia headset (HS-47)
- Nokia Eseries lanyard
- Nokia Eseries pouch
- User Guide, Quick Start Guide, other documentation
- No micro sd included :(

The built quality of the phone is superb with its stainless steel cover although i've read that the front cover is a chrome-plated plastic only.

Volume keys and voice key to mute/unmute active calls and for voice commands.
Micro usb port.
The keys are really smooth and soft and not hard to get used to although if you have big fingers you'll might have a hard time.

Camera isn't that great compared to the Nseries but it's good enough to take daily pictures.

Stainless steel back cover.

I like the pouch and the wrist strap that it comes with in red suede finish inside.

It comes with a 2.5mm audio jack so i'll be getting an adapter because there's no way i'm using the headset that comes with it. :P
One of the reasons why I bought this phone is its battery with 1500 mAh capacity. I'm online 24/7, my emails on automatic retrieval (using Profimail) and browsing a lot and I charge the phone the next day.

Personal mode:
Work mode:
Customizable One-touch keys.
Notification light - phone's D-pad light up (breathing) when you have messages, emails, etc.

Predictive text.
Built-in dictionary and you can install up to three languages.
Voice aid on message reader.
Customizable Home Screen which is great.

Switch mode.


Built-in Text-to-Speech.

For more pictures:
Flickr: dayene00: Nokia E71 Review Pictures Set


Anonymous said...

Great review dayene.! Some great Photos too. I hope you have more luck with this device that your last ones. I too will be reviewing the E71-1 I have from WOM soon. Its really growning on me. I hated it at first, but now, i really like it.

aadi said...

A 10mm thick profile ensures it fits inside a pocket comfortably, even though it's wider than your average handset. The screen and Qwerty keypad are well laid-out a series of shortcut keys below the screen make it easy to access your emails, calendar and contacts. Although the keys are small, they're very usable, because each is raised, making it easy to distinguish between them. In fact, the E71's keypad is one of the best Qwerty keypads we've ever laid fingers on.
Nokia E71 Review

Unknown said...

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