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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KODi - dictionary for mobile phones

emoze - free push email for your mobile device

With emoze:
  • Data is pushed automatically to your mobile handset or PDA with no need to connect to a service or click send\receive.
  • Military-grade secure, encrypted transmissions behind your firewall.
  • Totally free accessibility with no costly packages, specific hardware or software platforms.

Friendster Mobile Site

In addition that you can upload photos from your phone, you can also log in now with just T-Zones (wap) from T-Mobile. :) Just go to

Friday, July 11, 2008

SMS Scheduler

Enables you to define multiple messages, save and schedule them separately.

Nokia Chat beta

Nokia Chat is more than just messaging. You can share your status and your location, giving you physical presence! Start a Nokia Chat with your friends with instant and voice messaging and finish it face-to-face. Get together with Nokia Chat – it’s where we are now.
Meet one-to-one
Update your status
Share your location
Message friends