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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bad Experience with Nokia E71-2

I didn't get to write up a review on the Nokia E71 NAM white version yet because I keep going back to Nokia Flagship Store in New York to exchange for another phone. Today was my third trip and my THIRD phone so far. Good thing I bought it from the Nokia store so I don't have to send it to Nokia Repair Service for repair or exchange because that might take longer. I don't want to get into my experience on my N95 and Nokia Repair Service... let's just say it was very unpleasant that I don't want to deal with them anymore and that's why I bought the E71 in the store for a quick exchange/return.

So the first phone was good and I was very happy with it already until I read up in the forum that some people were having problems with dust inside the screen between the glass and the lcd. They think there's a gap inbetween the two. So, I checked mine out and  found a couple of them going up to the screen. I went back to the store and did a quick exchange of the device and was happy that no other questions were asked.

That night, I reinstalled everything back to the new device and everything seemed to be ok until I started browsing using wifi and the native browser kept closing radomly. I formatted the phone and just put my contacts back and still kept doing the same thing and it got worse when it started crashing.

The next day I went back to NY again to exchange it and this time they asked more questions. One guy said maybe you need to update your firmware... hello? It just came out so there's no other firmware available for it? It's frustrating again, paying $500+ for a phone and you're not too happy with it. So after checking the phone out and convinced that there's something wrong with it, they gave me a new phone again... box sealed.

When I got home, the first thing I checked upon opening the phone is the screen if there's dust on it... and unfortunately, it has one sticking out on the lower right corner of the screen. I'm so disappointed and that's why I started to write this up instead of a review. I'm going to call tomorrow and tell them about it and hopefully I have time to go next week to exchange it.

Hopefully it'll be the last time I go back there. When I do get a new one I'll check everything out in the store first because it's so much of an inconvenience driving to NY and paying all that parking/toll fee not considering the traffic and stress you'll put yourself into.

So until next week... we'll see how it goes. 

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