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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

N95 NAM Version (N95-3) Firmware Update (v20.2.011)

from HF via N95Users:

Just got v20 firmware

Load time is 19 seconds to the standby screen.

Camera load time 2 seconds.

"Search: Internet and My content" is added to the standby screen.

New applications:
- Search
- N-gage demo games
- BrainChallenge
- Lumines Puzzle Fusion
- Midnight Pool
- JellyPOP
- Sudoku

"Share Online" adds flickr and Vox uploads
(all of this is probably old news for N95-2 and N95-4 ("8GB") users)

Can't give much of speed comparison since I bought the phone earlier today, and only used it for less than an hour before doing the update. But I can say that subjectively it feels a LOT faster. Especially the camera.

Update HERE.

Additional info:
Flash Lite 3 support
Faster bootup Faster camera load time
Integrated Search Demand paging
N-Gage demos

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