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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

N95 8GB (N95-4 NAM) US version from WOM World

I was given the chance to get my hands on the N95 8GB NAM version from WOM World that arrived yesterday. Everything is practically the same with the phone and contents of the box. The box doesn't have that pink sticker that says 6 months free of navigation but it does when i opened the maps. Some differences i picked out are:

1. The writings around the camera - N95-2 has Cark Zeiss Optics Tessar 2.8/5.6 Autofocus 5 Megapixel and N95-4 has Carl Zeiss Optics Tessar 2.8/5.6 AF 5 megapixel. The letters on N95-4 are larger or more embossed.



2. Lens - the lens on the N95-2 is more depressed and i already put a lens protector on it from The lens on N95-4 is situated on the surface level which will get more scratches.



3. Keypad and menu button - The N95-2 is shinier or has a glossy appearance if you look closely to the pictures specially on the multimedia menu button.



4. Product code and Made from? - The N95-4 is made from Korea (Type:RM421) and N95-2 is made from Finland (Type:RM 320). The N95-4 has 16-digits product code where N95-2 has only 5.



5. Battery cover - The N95-2 has K3-1 and N95-4 has K1-2.

6. Boxes

7. Clock - N95-2 has small letters (am/pm) and N95-4 has capital letters (AM/PM).

8. Profile - N95-2 has 'General' and N95-4 has 'Normal' profile.

9. When you long-press the pound (#) button on the N95-4, it doesn't switch from General to Silent and vice versa.

More pictures: FlickR - dayene00 (Nokia N95-2 and N95-4 set)


Unknown said...

My phone is an nokia n95 8gb-2 320
When I look inside my original battery cover it says K3.2
Whats the difference about 3.2 and 3.1 or is this code independent from others?

It's the original cover from the original box who was sealed so it's not a new one!

Maybe its my provider (KPN holland) It is still an unlocked phone though.

Look forward for your awnsers!

Michal said...

Your IMEI on N95 8GB-2 is Hide...but my Barcode reader said, your serial number is 356983010123153...