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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Nokia N95 (N95-1)

At last, we're on N95 now... got this on 5/7/07. This one had a bluetooth and bluetooth headset connection kept dropping so i had to get a replacement from Nokia. Learning from the N80, i now made sure the device i got had a US warranty. Before leaving the store i checked its IMEI on Nokia's warranty verification to make sure it's covered. I wanted to get the sand color but it wasn't avaible with US warranty yet so i settled with the plum. It's an expensive phone to be having problems and sending it overseas for repair.
Well, my misery didn't end when i send it out for repair. I waited for two weeks (as their turn around time) and my phone's repair status was still pending. I called them up to check and they said i have to wait another week...another week passed and the status was still the same...called them again and this time they have told me that the phone is unrepairable and they have to wait for their shipment for my replacement. I asked how long it's going to take and they said call again in a week... so here i am again calling after a week and they said they don't know when they're getting the shipment and i have to wait as any normal person, you'd be mad already, right? But i'm abnormal at times and i just started screaming and cursing telling them that i bought an expensive phone with the worst support service ever! I asked them, why can't they send a phone to a customer that already paid since it's available from their website... but they said it has to come from the repair center. It was just horrible... 6 weeks of waiting and i can't tell the rest anymore... :D I'm just glad it's over and i'm happy with the phone now.

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