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Friday, August 20, 2010

Anomos - Pseudonymous and Encrypted BitTorrent


What is Anomos?

Anomos is a decentralized peer-to-peer file sharing system derived from BitTorrent which is capable of protecting its user’s identities by means of an advanced, planned mix network. Its purpose is twofold. In one way it is simply an intellectual exercise; we are computer scientists interested in encryption, the limits of anonymity, and the design of networks. In another sense it is a profound demonstration of individual liberty, a demand for freedom, privacy and anonymity on the Internet.

General Features:
- File transfers through Anomos are anonymous. After being sent, packets are routed through a number of intermediary nodes before reaching their final destination. These intermediary nodes can only confirm that their neighbors are participating in the network, they cannot confirm that their neighbors are sharing or merely relaying information, nor can they determine what is being shared.
- Downloading with Anomos is decentralized — the downloader receives parts of the requested file from a number of different sources, similar to how BitTorrent functions.
- Connections within Anomos are End-To-End encrypted.
- Communication with the Tracker is also encrypted.


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