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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nokia E71 Firmware 110.07.127 *UPDATE*

This SW release contains
the following new features:

Gimlet (Nokia Email Service version) in user disk; gimlet is visible only in countries where service available, otherwise hidden.
Improved Email Set-up Wizard to check availability of Nokia email service
This is visible only in countries where service available, otherwise hidden.
Mail for Exchange 2.5.5
Maps 2.0 release from wk 30
VoIP baseline from wk 31
Switch4 from wk 32
Startup settings from wk 31
Catalogs 3.1.50 from wk 32
Y drive for WMDRM protection files

Changes/improvements made to
MCU SW version 110.07.127:

Email set-up improvements
Maps 2.0 improvements
Music library refresh function performance improvement
Browser improvements
Bluetooth improvements
Camera improvements

Corrected Items from
MCU SW version 100.07.76
Email for Exchange – Synching improvements
DUT does not connect to BT stereo headset (SEM HBH -DS970) and car kit (SM HCB-120)
Y-drive visible with PC Suite
EAP-FAST authentication improvements
Unable to start maps when memory card is full
Camera - Picture cannot be taken correctly after zooming in max


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

several blogs are reporting on this...but it has not been released as best i can tell. the E71 is not even on the list of devices that are compatible with the nokia updater software...