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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Major differences between N95 and N96

Major differences between N95 and N96.

-16GB of integrated memory (as opposed to 8GB for N95 8GB), plus further extensibility via microSD memory card
-2.8 inch display with 16 million colours (same as N95 8GB, versus 2.6" display for original N95)
-Camera flash is a dual-LED in the N96 while it is only a single LED in the N95
-New audio DSP for improved audio quality and longer playback time
-New version of Nokia Video Centre
-Longer music playback time (14 hrs) and video playback time (5 hrs)
-Windows Media WMV9 video codec is added
-Hardware acceleration for video codecs for H.264 and WMV (as well as MPEG4 as before)
-Location tagging (geotagging) of pictures, using the integrated GPS
-Mobile TV DVB-H receiver is built into N96
-New release of Nokia Experience Software
-Maps 2.0 with satellite images, upgrade to pedestrian mode and voice-guided car navigation
-Internet Radio pre-installed
-Home Media Solution (sync with DLNA / UPnP devices over WLAN)
-Online sharing of pictures with plugins for Flickr, Ovi Share and other services (Can be added on N95 with newer version of Share Online Application)
-S60 3rd Edition is upgraded from Feature Pack 1 to Feature Pack 2
-Symbian OS is upgraded from version 9.2 to 9.3
-The Java ME engine is upgraded from MIDP 2.0 to MIDP 2.1
-User data is preserved when upgrading firmware (This feature is also present on the N95-2 as v21 installs UDP base files)
-The FM radio is upgraded with RDS
-Limited graphics acceleration (only for internal apps)
-N96 is a dual-band HSDPA (900 and 2100 MHz) while N95 was a single band (2100)
-MicroSD memory card slot (as in original N95, while N95 8GB has no card slot)
-No need to open the slide for optimal GPS reception
-New design
-Landscape-oriented design (landscape oriented speakers, connectors and buttons located optimally for landscape use)
-Flip-out kickstand
-Media keys available in all modes (even when slide is closed, for background control of music)
-Media keys on short side can transform into gaming keys
-Lockswitch (enables quick lock / unlock of keypad)
-Thinner and lighter than N95 8GB
-N-Gage included. About 5 games preloaded and one free game coupon (varies by country).

-CPU downgraded to ARM9 264MHz for N96 (N95 have Dual 332Mhz ARM11 based CPU)
-Same battery as original N95 (950 mAh), but the N96 reportedly has a much better battery life using the same battery (Nokia N95 8GB has 1200 mAh)
-No infra-red port on N96
-No Hardware 3D graphics accelerator for N96
-Built-in support for VoIP telephony (and thus cheap Internet Calling) removed from N96 (N95 has Nokia VoIP 2.1)
-Digital zoom is only x10 on N96, while it's x20 on N95 8GB
-Camera Lens in the N96 is 2.8/5.2, and in the N95 2.8/5.6 (N95 have more apperture)

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