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Thursday, October 9, 2008

E71 Shortcuts

On camera: autofocus key => T

To Mark A Single Item On The E71 => Shift + center d-pad

To Mark Multiple Items On The E71 => Shift + d-pad down/up

To Copy & Paste On The E71 => hold the Shift key and highlight the characters you want to copy by using the d-pad and hold the shift key again to paste

To activate/Deactivate Bluetooth => long press u/*

To switch from silent to general profile => long press j/#

To check running applications => long press Menu/Home key

To Launch Browser From Standby Screen => long press m/0 (zero)
8 - overview
1 - bookmark
2 - search
3 - back
9 - Go to web address
* - zoom in
# - zoom out
M - home page

On maps:
* - zoom in
# - zoom out


shift key - zoom in
delete key - zoom out

To listen new messages => long press left selection key

To listen messages in inbox => on inbox - options - listen

To activate voice commands => long press right selection key or voice key (button between the volume)

To toggle from previous and recent application => long press message key

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Kishore Babu said...

thanks a lot, it was very informative.