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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Opera Mini Global Test 4.1

As Opera Mini gains more users around the world we’re trying to make sure that it works well for everyone. As part of this we’re adding more of the data centres where the web pages you request are formatted, compressed and sent on their way to your phone. The first new data centre is in the USA.

To make this work we’ve had to make some changes in the Opera Mini server software. We need your help to test the system before we trust it with all the Opera Mini users (because that’s a lot of people).

So, if you want to help you just need to download and install a special version of Opera Mini 4.1. It can be installed on your phone at the same time as the normal version.

The main difference you’ll probably notice is that page titles are all prefixed by either “[EU]” or “[US]” depending on which data centre you’re currently using. You’ll be allocated to one or another depending on where you are in the world and which is busier. There are some other changes and I’m curious to see if you spot them

Remember, this is a test so it might not always work correctly, we might sometimes have to make changes or fix things. You should keep your normal Opera Mini around as well.

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