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Friday, May 2, 2008

T-Mobile USA 3G

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05/01/2008, 1:35pm, EDT

T-Mobile's 3G cellular service has gone live and includes the data in at least some areas, according to some user reports from subscribers at HowardForums. Tests in New York City's Brooklyn borough using phones already capable of supporting the carrier's unique 1,700MHz UMTS Internet service show downloads at 300Kbps or more, pushing past the 200Kbps or less normally available on the EDGE (2G) network. Data can also pass through at the same time as calls -- a feat normally impossible with EDGE, which blocks phone service during heavy use.

The testing contradicts earlier reports on Wednesday evening that claimed the 3G service would only include voice and leave data for a later date. However, the data service appears confined to New York City where other major cities expected to receive early 3G, such as Los Angeles and Miami, have yet to report any upgrades. Phones such as the Nokia 6263 are believed to work with the improved network.

T-Mobile itself has promised 3G by summer and has alluded to that launch date including full data service as well as calls. The provider has delayed the upgrade for several months and has been criticized by some for lagging significantly behind fellow GSM carrier AT&T, which began offering 3G much earlier and has begun upgrading its network once again to HSPA for faster uploads.


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