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Sunday, May 18, 2008

OverBoard Waterproof Gadget Cases

Keep your gadgets dry and happy.

It's easy to forget that the Earth is mostly covered and divided up by large expanses of water. We instinctively think of the earth's surface as forests, roads, fields and carpeting. Since you are likely to go near or on water at some point, we think you should remember to plan accordingly.
These OverBoard Waterproof Gadget Cases are 100% waterproof and float if dropped in water. They are perfect for safeguarding your gadgets (phone, camera, MP3 player) and also keep out dust, sand and dirt. The Phone/GPS Case lets you take your phone (or compact GPS) to places you wouldn't normally dare and will protect your phone without stopping you from using it. The Camera Case lets you take pictures down to 19ft (6m) underwater and is perfect for digital cameras without a telescopic zoom lens. The MP3 Case is a heavy duty waterproof padded MP3 case with Pro-Sports Arm Strap. Your MP3 player is fully useable when safely sealed in the case. By the way, the MP3 Case is the one suggested to hold your iPhone.

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