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Friday, April 4, 2008

SIT - Self Inflating Tire

What is SIT?
SIT is an integral tire component that uses atmospheric air to automatically inflate the tire while it is used. This ensures maintenance-free, constant tire pressure over the lifetime of the tire.
When a vehicle equipped with SIT tires is put in motion, under-inflated tires will gradually re-inflate, reducing risks derived from natural loss of pressure or small tire punctures.
The inflation stops automatically once the desired tire pressure is reached.
Driving for less than 1 mile would compensate for typical leakage of 1 to 3% per month.
How important is tire pressure?
Tires commonly leak slowly and unnoticeably. In the USA, 27% of passenger cars and 32% of light trucks and SUVs have at least one tire under-pressured by more than 25%. Under-inflated tires negatively impact:
  • SAFETY In the United States, 660 lives are lost and 33,000 are injured every year.87% of all flat tires have a history of under inflation.
  • FUEL ECONOMY Poor tire pressure costs the US an extra $3.7 billion in fuel annually.
  • TIRE LONGEVITY Every year in the US, 4.5 million tires need to be replaced before their designed lifespan.

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