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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jabra BT8010

I received my Jabra BT8010 two days ago and i was able to try them out today. It came with a Jabra BT8010 mono unit, an attachable Jabra BT8010 stereo unit, illustrated user manual, AC power supply, and USB cable. When i opened it, i thought it was a little big for me but i had to try it anyway.

I had to update its firmware which can be found HERE.
What's good about it is you can pair it with two phones and easily connects once it's paired up.
The other good thing is it has a phonebook (up to 30 contacts) so you don't have to take out your phone when you want to make a call. You can manage your phonebook using the BT8010 Control Center PC application. You can also import language packs to it. It's not heavy on the ear but it doesn't look good for petite persons. :)
I tried the stereo attachment unit and it works well though i'd rather use my Bose in-ear headphones to listen to music.

More pictures : FlickR - dayene00 (Jabra BT8010 set)

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