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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

HTC Touch Dual 16-key

I got this a week ago to replace the SE W960i. I chose the 16-key because it's hard for me to text with qwerty. I read that window mobile 6.1 is out but there's no available update on it when i tried. This would've been a nice phone only it doesn't have wifi. I tried it with t-mobile's t-zones and i had to tweak its settings and change its proxies to be able to connect to the internet. The slider is built great, it's thin and the phone looks good. Bad thing is the phone gets hot when running the internet... it's not even the battery but where the sim card is located. Another bug is when you use it for sms, it goes back to xt9 for the hardware keypad input even if you put ABC as the default - this only happens when using sms. So now i always have to long-press * then 2 to get ABC for input. Other than the input and wifi i'd recommend this phone.
Funny thing about this is when i got it, i played with the phone right away not even looking at the manual and the sticker in front of the phone for the touchflo's instruction. I saw a video of this on youtube and the guy was flipping the pages with his thumb so i tried it and it wasn't working. I called up HTC and they couldn't help me (US support is not available for US yet) though they tried. So with no success with HTC's customer service i called up the web store i bought it from to exchange for a new device. I told them that the touchflo is unresponsive and HTC told me the same thing. Before wrapping it up i figured maybe it's in the manual.. and it was... you have to scroll the thumb up first before scrolling left and right and scroll it down to hide it. LOL

More pictures: FlickR - dayene00 (HTC Touch Dual - set).

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