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Friday, April 4, 2008


What exactly is Flixwagon?
Flixwagon is a mobile phone and web application that allows users to broadcast and share live videos from their mobile phones to the internet. Using our web service viewers can search, view, and share live broadcasts and stored videos in almost any category including sports, travel, news, personal, etc. Broadcasters can manage their stored videos, share them with others, and much more. With Flixwagon, you can broadcast your life...LIVE!

How does it work?
Flixwagon is a web and mobile phone based application that allows the user to:
1. Broadcast live videos from a mobile phone.
2. Access live and stored videos online. Anyone can check out these videos online. But if you join you will get increased privileges on the website such as being able to build a profile, subscribe, choose favorite flix, and more. Joining is also the first step toward become a broadcaster of your own live flix. Remember that signing up, downloading the program, and becoming a broadcaster are all FREE.

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