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Friday, April 4, 2008

Downloading MAPS to your N95.

To avoid high internet charges from your service provider or slow download of maps while using it, download maps to your memory card/mass storage.
  1. Go HERE and install both (Download Nokia Maps for your mobile device and Download Nokia Maps for your PC). You can also try the Maps 2.0 Beta HERE.
  2. Run Maps on your phone first before opening anything.
  3. For N95-1, you can take out your memory card and use a card reader. If that's not available, plug in your phone and choose 'data transfer' including N95 8GB but make sure you close every applications and games running including taskman (if installed) before plugging in your phone.
  4. Open Nokia Map Loader.
  5. Download and transfer maps needed।

I put all the maps in my N95-2 and took about 4GB of space.

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