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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Adaptxt Demo on Nokia N95

Adaptxt, the intelligent language input solution is available as a Beta Release for Nokia S60 smartphones (except the E61 and E61i). Adaptxt Beta supports the native applications including email and text message clients and J2ME apps on these Nokia E-Series and N-Series mobiles.

Designed from the ground up, Adaptxt helps you quickly enter Text and use your Smartphone more effectively. The features below are consistent across all platforms.Learns in Real-time Scans your History Expands and Contracts SMS Customizable Low Profile Design Statistics Viewer.

Learns in Real-time
Adaptxt adapts to you in real-time. Each time you enter a phrase, the grammar, context, and meaning are analyzed and updated. It processes your text with intelligent language models to provide customized suggestions. The more that it is used, the more relevant the suggestions become.

Scans your History
Choose to scan existing documents and Emails to personalize Adaptxt to your use of language. This process stores all context, grammar, and semantic information in a personal database. The personal dictionary updates with any new words found.

Expand and Contracts SMS.

Adaptxt expands and contracts SMS (Short Message Service) format. Write with fuller vocabulary and convert to SMS for sending.

Customizable Low Profile Design.

Adaptxt is unobtrusive. Configure font size, number of phrase suggestions, languages, and more. Choose to place the suggestion boxes anywhere on your screen, or dock them with the Adaptxt soft keyboard.

Statistics Viewer.

Adaptxt displays your data input statistics for each session. It can display percentage of, keystrokes saved, non-predicted words, and insertions of words and phrases.

You can download it HERE.

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