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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sony Vaio® VGN SZ230P/B (SZ Series)

I got this a while back in 7/06 after giving up on the UMPC and it felt much better. :D I just upgraded its ram to 2MB max last week so it's running better now, too. The screen is still pretty small (13.3") but i don't to be bringing a big laptop since i use my PC most of the time anyway. Before the warranty was over (i only got the 1yr manufacturer's warranty), i sent this out for repair because there were dust inside the screen... i love sony's customer service, they send you a prepaid box for overnight shipping... but when it came back, there were still some dust left so i had to send it back again until it was all fixed. A year gone by and i haven't used it much, i opened it and i hear something like a screw or a small metal under the keyboard. I didn't touch it until i decided to upgrade its ram so i opened it up... and as expected, they left a friggin' screw inside! Good thing it didn't do any damage inside as it was rattling everytime i use it. I didn't bother calling them up anymore... as long as everything still works, i'm ok with it. :)